Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello Brazil (?)

apocalipse motorizadoUmmm... ok. A site in Brazil has used one of my pics from last week's Critical Mass. They are certainly welcome to use it, I really don't care. This site is anti-copyright, so help yourself. But, its pretty amusing to see a picture from my phone on a site in Brazil.

(Thanks to Phillip for noticing.)


luddista said...

Hello Jack,
I'm the author of the site that used your pic. Sorry for not asking you in advance, I usually don't do that.

The site is about urban mobility, car culture and (of course) bicycles and critical masses and I was writing about the cities that made their first rides (or returned to do it) on august.

Sorry again about the "robbery". If there's any problem, please let me know and I'll remove the pic.

from Brazil

jckwrmn said...

luddista, thanks for the note. Its not "robbery" at all, and I don't mind at all not being asked. You are welcome to use the picture. I was just surprised to see it.

Since finding out that it was posted, I've learned more about your site. It sounds like you're doing some great things. I wish I could read it!