Monday, September 10, 2007

Demand Actuated

I start a new job next Monday, which shifts my bike commute pretty dramatically. I've had a few such shifts with the offices of my last company moving 4 times in the seven years I was with them. The most recent commute was 10 months of a casual 6 mile ride on the American Tobacco Trail. That was luxury.

So, Sunday morning I rode out to my new office to learn the route and find the bike racks. Its not a cushy ride like the ATT, but the roads aren't too bad, and they're all roads I've been on before. I was happy to notice that all of the traffic lights across bigger intersections on my new route appear to be demand-actuated and configured to detect bicycles. Thanks to the cities of Durham and Morrisville for the serious hook-up. I, and the other cyclists who take these roads on a regular basis, really appreciate it.

(For those of you keeping score at home, the new commute is Woodcroft across Fayetteville and through some neighborhoods to get to Carpenter Fletcher, across 55 to Alston and on to 54. Left on 54 toward Miami, but straight through on to Slater, then Slater all the way to Airport and I'm there.)

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