Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick no-measure oatmeal - great for camping, bike or otherwise

This morning I tried the oatmeal-in-a-jar trick tipped to me recently by my bike commuting and camping pal, Daniel.

It's simple, fill a Mason jar half with oatmeal and toppings, which for me meant a little sugary stuff, some cinammon, and raisins. You can do that part anytime... you know, like the night before, or as you're packing your panniers. At breakfast time, you simply fill the jar with boiling water, shake and steep for 15 minutes.

It worked like a charm. This will get a shakedown run in October when we take a family camping weekend, and will definitely be added to the arsenal of S24O / Bike Overnight breakfast options.

Originally spotted on Lifehacker (follow their link for the true original source), and thanks Daniel for the great tip!

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Unknown said...

This does look like a handy little gadget for outdoor activities. It looks easy to pack and to operate. Perfect for a sleepaway camp!