Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year to you, too @$$h013

Its pretty rare for me to get a "get off the road" honk or yell on my ride to work. I figure most motorists on my route are used to seeing bike commuters and it just doesn't phase them. And I try really hard to operate in traffic in a way that doesn't inspire honking, regardless of the vehicle I am driving. Honestly, the dearth of road rage or frustration I experience is part of what makes Durham feel bike-friendy to me.

Today we had two honks, one of which distinctly more frustrated than the other.

Not sure what folks are trying to accomplish with the honking. Its not like you're suddenly going opem my eyes to the wonderous joys of motorized traffic. In reality, all you've accomplished is to show the world, or at least a bike commuter or two, that you're an impatient jerk. Happy New Year, asshole.

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