Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years 2011 Ride

For New Years 2010, a small handful of friends and I headed out to kick off the new year with a modest 30-ish mile ride. And to be honest, it was a really wonderful way to start the year. So, we're out to do it again for 1/1/11.

Last year we started at 10a, we'll start a little later this year. A 1p start should get us a little more warmth, and put the end close to the 4p start time of Slow Food Triangle's "Traditional Southern New Years" at Fullsteam (not a paid endorsement, I just think it looks fun).

The weather, as of this posting, looks pretty great - uncharacteristically warm with the high in the 60's.

This is not an organized ride event. I've put together a cue sheet, but there is no mechanical or food support aside from your fellow cycling pals who are likely to help out in a pinch. There is a convenience store about 18 miles in, so you don't necessarily have to bring a snack.

There are no rules or requirements. Heck, last year, one guy (above) didn't even wear a helmet. And, of course, since its not an event, there's no cost. Although if you like the ride, I encourage you to consider a donation to your favorite local charity (added bonus points if its a bikey or slow foody one). Actually, I encourage that even if you don't like the ride, but, whatevs.

Here's the details:
  • What: New Years bike ride
  • Date: duh
  • Time: 1:00p
  • Where: Downtown Durham near Durham Central Park Pavilion.
  • Distance: ~36 miles
  • Rules: None
  • Pace: Well, there's no rules, so ride your own ride. But, probably, "relaxed."
  • Cost: None
And here's the route:
I look forward to ringing in the New Year with all my cycling pals, see you there!

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