Monday, November 22, 2010

Scene from my bike: the morning sky

A great thing about bike commuting this time of year is how amazing the morning sky can be. While the winter ride is all dark, and the summer ride is all light, the autumn and spring provide some great sunrises.

Admittedly, this pic isn't the best morning sky, but I thought the clouds were pretty amazing. I'm consistently struck by the fact that a great sunrise isn't even ruined by an urban or industrial skyline. Sure, it'd be better without the cars, buildings, power lines and cell towers, but the natural beauty easily overcomes the man-made clutter.

And, of course, it's all made better when you can enjoy it while travelling at a human speed. A sunrise is always great, but even better seen from my bike.


AHands said...

"it's all made better when you can enjoy it while travelling at a human speed."

and no windshield between your naked eyeballs and nature's majestic panorama !

Anonymous said...

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