Monday, June 16, 2008

With gas prices soaring...

I feel like I've heard or read that phrase 200 times in the last few months as the media takes note of the recent rise in bike commuting. Articles from news sources around the country confirm that sales of bikes (particularly those well-suited for utility cycling), commuting accessories and maintenance are up. Even the Today Show gave 3 minutes to bike commuting a couple weeks ago.

The news coverage certainly can't hurt. Reporting about people adding utility cycling to their lives, whether to work or to the store, will serve to de-marginalize utility cycling. And the increase in ridership will do the same as motorists will be more likely to empathize with a cycling community that now includes their neighbor, co-worker, fellow parishoner or family member. This improved perception of cyclists and utility cycling can lead to a greater committment by governments to fund projects that support human-powered transportation options. We may very well be at the edge of a really wonderful positive feedback loop.

Here are a few references in case you've missed the buzz:

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