Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fixit - Fix your bike yourself

The Practical Pedal has launched a new section called "Fixit" with maintenance tips and info promised weekly. They've setup a few tags, including "General Maintenance" and "Pro Tips," so I expect to see a decent range of info here, and mention of accompanying video was made in the PP comments.

Chances are, a lot of the information on Fixit will be old hat to a lot of commuters and weekend warriors. But there are a lot of us who are still evolving our cycling lives. Having made the move to the bike as a mode of transportation, we're now ready to add a little self-sufficiency to the mix. The first article on chain maintenance is key for someone who is just starting to ride their bike enough the justify having their chain cleaned more than seasonally. And the current article, on derailleur adjustment, is exactly the kind of info I am looking for to start making some the tweaks that can smooth out the everyday ride.

Fixit is written with a friendly tone, focusing on important aspects of the fix and leaving the minutae to the various online forums (e.g. chain maintenance is important, but don't stress over the dizzying array of lubes available). There are, of course, already a lot of sites with bike maintenance info, but Fixit looks like it will be a good addition to your bookmarks and RSS feeds.

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