Sunday, September 30, 2007

CNC Day 1: Holy crap it's cold

My friends at The Weather Channel said to expect lows in the mid-50's overnight, but instead I woke up with ice on my rainfly. They were off by 20+ degrees. It's cold. And the morning's descents added a pretty healthy wind chill to the mix.

Fortunately, as always, I over-packed. But this time it paid off. Unexpected heroes included my new Foxwear fleece pants and socks (thanks Lou!) and my Defeet wool arm and leg warmers. I was pretty sure all of those would stay packed the whole trip, but the pants and socks were great around camp, and the wool warmers were indispensable for the first 20 miles and packed easily for the other 35.

Tonight shouldn't be as cold, but it doesn't matter if it does. I'm covered.

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